At the moment of writing this, I was using Spacemacs with its javascript layer without any customization. While working on javascript project that uses StandardJS as linter, I was getting a lot of warnings (mostly about missing semicolon), and was not getting any of StandardJS warnings.

To make javascript layer in Spacemacs work with StandardJS, I did following:

  1. Installed standard npm package globally (npm install -g standard).
  2. Turned off js2-mode’s strict warnings (because it has its own linter rules which we don’t want to see any more).
  3. Set indentation in js2-mode to 2 spaces.

So at the end, this is what my javascript layer configuration looks like:

     (javascript :variables
                 js2-mode-show-strict-warnings nil  ;; We have standardjs for linting/warnings.
                 js2-basic-offset 2
                 js-indent-level 2)